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Express Your Heart

Everyone has a story.

And that story not only should be heard but needs to be seen.

We are all deeply tied to our pasts, and from our experiences we build core values.

Foundrae brings these principles into a tangible form- high end jewelry.

Founder Beth Bugdaycay designs medallions that represent meaningful core values that can be added to 18k gold chains, earrings and rings. Expressing individual stories to both ourselves and others, these medallions remind us not only to be true and resillant to our pasts, but to also believe in our future.

Dreaming, strength, karma, wholeness, passion, true love and resilience all define particular values that we chart our lives by.

For some the concept of dreaming deeply resonates with their spirit. Perhaps it stems from their mother and father telling them to “keep dreaming” each day as a child. Or maybe dreaming is significant to them because it gave them the confidence to ‘follow their dreams’ and move to a new part of the world. Whatever the reason, there are always stories behind each value and these stories need to be shared. From telling and receiving stories from others we learn about the world and improve our moral understanding.

Moral understanding gives us the compassion necessary to nurture one another and become better, kinder people.

This is the philosophy we see within Foundrae.

It is why a simple symbol on a chain can tie us to greater ideas and bring us together as a community and world.