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Our time with Monique Péan

Last week Monique visited Tayloe Piggott Gallery to show us her latest designs.

Each one was stunningly beautiful.

Yet, what further impressed us is the care and ethical thoughtfulness that Monique instills in each piece.

All of her diamonds and precious stones are sustainably sourced either from antiques or from conflict and devastation sources. Also, all of her gold and platinum is made from 18k recycled metals that are melted down and repurposed.

This makes a huge difference on our earth since one single gold band produces about 20 tons of waste. Not only does Monique source her stones and minerals from respectful places, but she also works with remarkably rare and meaningful materials such as: 146-156-million-year-old dinosaur bone, 12,000- 15,000 year old fossilized walrus ivory and meteorites. All promoting social and environmental justice, Monique’s geometric designs significantly limit the ecological damage and human toll created by traditional jewelry designing techniques.

The more we get to know Monique here at Tayloe Piggott, the more we fall in love with her beautiful jewelry that gives back to a great cause- chairty:water. She has built clean water wells and supported sanitation projects in Ethiopia, Malawi, Mozambique, Nepal and Haiti. Currently, she is funding clean water wells in Mali.

From top to bottom, Monique Péan's work displays how we can responsibly source high end jewels, design them and give back to people in need. Monique has created a business model that we hope more designers follow.

Monique you are so wonderful and we love you dearly here.

We hope you come visit us again soon... hopefully in the snow!