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Questions with Nicholas Varney

Last week Nicholas Varney was here at the gallery teaching us about his remarkable designs. A deliberate man with stylish shoes, we asked him to take a few minutes to answer some questions with the hope of getting to know him better. This is what we found out!

How do you listen to music? -Record player

Who do you listen to? -Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Jack White, Bowie, Bach Partitas

What is a cause near to your heart? -animals

What is your favorite color? -blue, but specific shades in the softer tones and aglee (like a purkier)

What animal expresses your spirit? -not sure, but I feel like I would have short fur

Describe your ideal evening not working -swimming and seafood

Do you play any sports? -lots

What's your favorite drink? -matcha green tea from Uji


Do you have any pets? -lots

What is your most indulgent treat? -my shoes and my matcha and pure sativa

What is your most loved neighborhood spot? -Central Park

How do you order your coffee? -never had one

Any advice for the youths of our country? -look up

What is your favorite jewelry look? -ecclectic

Is there such thing as wearing too much jewelry? -No. look at Masai

What is your favorite kind of shoe? -I like both cowboy boots and a english strapless slipper monk with light broguing

What is your favorite book or type of writing to read? -travel

Mountains or beach? -both

Silk or cashmere? -cashmere by a long way

Paris or New York? -New York in October

Coffee or wine? -I miss wine very much

Do you live by any mantras? -Tradition is not having ashes but perserving flame

What do you always carry with you? -passion

What is in your backpack? -where am I?

What is your most cherished possession? -my saddle and my garden

Do you have a nick-name? -wong