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Christopher Thompson Royds immortalizes nature by crafting the delicate flowers of the English countryside. His process involves pressing and tracing freshly picked flowers, then resurrecting them in 18 karat gold. His gold flowers are featured in both his jewelry and sculptural works, which elegantly capture a moment in time, preserving nature’s fleeting beauty.

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Catkin Bud Studs
Catkin Bud Necklace
Yellow Diamond Single Catkin Drop EarringsYellow Diamond Single Catkin Drop Earrings
Double Catkin Drops EarringsDouble Catkin Drops Earrings
Single Catkin Drop EarringsSingle Catkin Drop Earrings
Violet Sculpture EarringsViolet Sculpture Earrings
Cornflower SculptureCornflower Sculpture
Daisy SculptureDaisy Sculpture
Catkin Ring
Poppy Sculpture with Detachable Poppy EarringsPoppy Sculpture with Detachable Poppy Earrings
Buttercup Sculpture with Studs and NecklaceButtercup Sculpture with Studs and Necklace
Daisy Chain Necklace
Buttercup NecklaceButtercup Necklace
White Clover Necklace
Diamond Daisy Drop Earrings
White Clover Drop EarringsWhite Clover Drop Earrings
White Clover StudsWhite Clover Studs
Small Forget Me Not Studs
Daisy Ring
Double Daisy Chain Bracelet
Daisy Diamond Earrings
Poppy Tiara
Buttercup Studs