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Made in Kent, UK, a quaint county outside of London, artist Kayo Saito creates little wonders that are both tiny sculptures of nature and wearable art. Her purpose in design is to make jewelry to reconnect us to nature. Each piece is handmade by Saito and designed in reference to young leaves sprouting, flowers budding, or fronds curling.

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Large Blossom Earrings
Kayo Saito
Large Blossom Earrings Sale price$5,000.00
Wave Diamond Necklace
Kayo Saito
Wave Diamond Necklace Sale price$31,450.00
Blossom Wing Earrings
Kayo Saito
Blossom Wing Earrings Sale price$3,625.00
Butterfly Variation Earrings
White Gold Petal Necklace
Cluster Earrings
Kayo Saito
Cluster Earrings Sale price$4,150.00
Summer Tree Earrings
Kayo Saito
Summer Tree Earrings Sale price$2,825.00
Momo Earrings
Kayo Saito
Momo Earrings Sale price$3,400.00
Gold Two-Tone Drop Earrings