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The Wild Rose Collection by Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen


Since 1963, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen has created fine jewellery inspired by nature. From high-end special pieces to exclusive fine jewellery collections intertwining playfulness and timeless elegance. OLC creates everlasting investment pieces tributing the wonders of nature and the poetry of life. It all begins in the creative corners of the designers’ minds. Ideas are brought to life as playful drawings and experimental sculptures, as Ole and Charlotte Lynggaard bring old traditions and new techniques together. Every piece of fine jewellery is handcrafted with utmost precision and dedication.


Wild Rose is a family of striking beauty. The mesmerizing floral wonders are brought to life from 18k hammered yellow gold. Diamond-pavéd stamens are the centre of attention in every rose. Skillful craftsmen ensure that each golden petal is as delicate as its natural counterpart. Inspired by the sweet-scented English roses growing in Charlotte Lynggaard’s own home.


The Wild Rose Collection by Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen

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