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Introducing, Christopher Thompson Royds

It is with great excitement that Tayloe Piggott Jewelry introduces Christopher Thompson Royds.

Christopher Thompson Royds begins his craft walking through wildflower fields just outside of London. “It’s all about preserving an instant,” he says of his work. After gathering flowers from the fields, Royds presses and traces each of them. He then cuts each petal and stem traced out of paper-thin sheets of gold and silver. Binding them together with fine gold wire, he compares his craft to that of “tying up roses in the garden.” Details are added as he hand paints each piece, bringing its color back to life. He then fashions precious gemstones into the pieces, delicately reminding us of the beauty and seamless immortality of nature.

Fashioned into marbled folio boxes, each piece alludes to the Hans Sloane Herbarium at the Natural Museum of History in London. Whether they are being worn or displayed, the delicate flowers are each a unique work of art. Indulge in the whimsical creations of Christopher Thompson Royds.