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Disco Small Earrings
Fernando Jorge
Disco Small Earrings Sale price$32,335.00
Stream Line Hoop Earrings in Pink Opal
Oblong Small Pendant in Nephrite Jade
Oblong Pendant in Jasper
Oblong Small Pendant in Lapis Lazuli
Oblong Pendant in Lapis Lazuli
Ignite Studs in Citrine
Bloom Large Stud in Imperial Topaz
Oblong Small Hoops in Lapis Lazuli
Fluid Brown Diamonds Band
Surrounding Small Ring in Lapis Lazuli
Large Orbit Studs in Nephrite Jade
Oblong Small Earrings in Lapis Lazuli
Surrounding Ring II in Serpentine
Surrounding Ring II in Lapis Lazuli
Orbit Ring in Lapis Lazuli
Orbit Ring in Nephrite Jade
Oblong Ring in Lapis Lazuli
Surround Small Circle Earrings in Lapis Lazuli
Surrounding Small Bracelet in Lapis Lazuli
Stream Wave Ring in Pink Opal
Ruched Rivière Necklace
Scuba Necklace with Citrine
Scuba Necklace with Citrine Sale price$4,250.00
Scúba - Blue Topaz Ring
Scúba - Blue Topaz Ring Sale price$4,250.00
Baby coco locket
Marie Lichtenberg
Baby coco locket Sale price$2,330.00
Stick chain
Marie Lichtenberg
Stick chain Sale price$14,780.00
Home is everywhere you are
Love is blind locket
Giga shooting star earrings pair with two jackets
East West Marquetry Earrings
Flower Earrings
Marie Lichtenberg
Flower Earrings Sale price$11,080.00
Temari String Embroidered Earrings
Earrings with Ammonite Fossil Inlay
Crashing Waves Necklace
Rock Pool RingRock Pool Ring
Bibi Van Der Velden
Rock Pool Ring Sale price$28,680.00
Itty bitty garnet strand with medium chubby red jasper inlay lock
Handmade biker chain with hand engraved lock
Rose gold pully chain and chubby medium lock
Akoya pearl strand with allstone diamond loops and allstone diamond lock
18" heavy curb chain with gold loops and medium gold lock
Tanzanite Trillion Huggie Hoops
Moon and Star Drop Earrings
Sold outPlain Hammered Link Bracelet
Mini Puffy Star Bracelet
Twisted Ruched Cuff
Nak Armstrong
Twisted Ruched Cuff Sale price$9,200.00
Raindrop Earrings
Nak Armstrong
Raindrop Earrings Sale price$24,750.00
Ebony Flower Clutch
Mushroom Earrings